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Richard Paré

Acquisition Manager


Phone: 1-604-764-9411

A seasoned entrepreneur and business operator, Richard founded and operated a highly successful branded dessert manufacturing business in the Vancouver Lower mainland market for over 25 years. Richard has been an active diversified investor in the Greater Vancouver area real estate market since 1987 with residential construction, land development and rental property projects.

In 2012, he redirected his focus, energy and interests on the USA Multifamily market. Starting with a small $250,000 line of credit, Richard and the team, managed to successfully acquire and reposition 60 multifamily apartments units within 5 years in the State of Arizona.

Richard is now coming out of retirement and reigniting his passion for repositioning multifamily buildings that generates solid returns for his investors and safe homes for his tenants. His drive to improve communities and neighbourhoods is shared and backed by his team of seasoned experts, while creating positive cash flow and asset appreciation through innovative repositioning strategies.


Peter Ku

Investor Relation


Phone: 1-604-710-5397

With over 100 commercial real estate deals completed in the past 15 years, Peter Ku has vast experience and expertise in navigating and qualifying commercial real estate investments. His perceptive approach with investors, and his eye for investment analysis, has allowed him to gain loyal investors that trust and depend on his due diligence and risk/reward assessment on each investment transaction.

Being an entrepreneur and investor him self, he has a keen eye on vetting swiftly and thoroughly each investment opportunity, allowing him to create win-win transactions for all stakeholders.

Peter is now expanding his investments and business acumen into multifamily repositioning in the Southern States of the US.