The culmination of success principles from experiencing years of trials and success

Our business model provides us with a clear path to our proven track record in multifamily reposition success. Our extensive experience has resulted in the culmination of proven strategies, policies and procedures that are time tested and thoroughly vetted to create profitable results with each multifamily reposition.

Our years of trials, errors and successes, has given us the ultimate play book in locating and vetting the right multifamily project to commence. Minimizing risk and maximizing profits, while efficiently utilizing our capital and human resources for its most effective utilization.

Cohesive Success Formula

Our policies and procedures serve as our company bible in each and every aspect of our business conduct that embodies our success formula and code of ethics. It serves as an ethical and professional mandate that creates a sense of pride within each of the communities we serve. Fostering a long-term win-win relationship with the local government, contractors, tradesmen, service providers, our local employees and families we serve.

Our multifamily repositioning process is broadly segmented into twelve distinct phases that work together to form a cohesive success formula.

Twelve Phase Multifamily Repositioning System

Here is an overview of our twelve phase multifamily repositioning system. The application of this system allows our repositioning team to avoid dangers and see opportunities at each step of the process. This structure provides the proven model in methodic execution, that ensures success; with on time scheduling and on target budgeting.


  • Phase 1
    Research, search and locate multifamily building that meet our value-add investment criteria (State, City, Neighborhood, Building, Financial, Operation, Maintenance, Value-add Strategy)
  • Phase 2
    Initial Due Diligence (High level review of overall asset fundamentals)
  • Phase 3
    Negotiation & Comprehensive Due Diligence (Negotiate deal, Review Documents, Inspect Property, Renegotiate)
  • Phase 4
    Funding & Financing (Investor, Lending)
  • Phase 5
    Legal & Accounting (Setup legal entity, Bookkeeping, Banking)
  • Phase 6
    Completion & Possession (Conveyance, Keys, Chain of command)
  • Phase 7
    Reposition Planning & Timeline & Budgeting (Eviction, Renovations, Marketing, Maintenance, Repairs, Quotes, Tradesmen, Contractors)
  • Phase 8
    Review property management & Plan transition (Review current state of affairs, Plan smooth transition process, Hire employees, Marketing/Advertising tenants, Rebranding, Artwork)
  • Phase 9
    Execute property management transition (Ensure smooth hand off, Tenant peace of mind, Employee training, Secure property, Policies and Procedures, Code of conduct, Property rules, Management system)
  • Phase 10
    Execute repositioning proceedings & Project management (Methodic and efficient renovations, repairs and upgrades)
  • Phase 11
    Long-term property management (Management rolls, Staff administrative rolls, Staff tenant rolls, Building initiatives)
  • Phase 12
    Exit strategy (Sell, Refinance, Hold)